Changes to ISCI bylaws

Our current bylaws haven’t changed since 2006

Current bylaw

Proposed bylaws

Proposed 2023 bylaw

Please review and provide feedback by Nov 3rd 2023, Friday Noon Eastern.

Change Summary

  • For your kind information, we understand the community would like to know what exactly changed in this version of bylaw. We have attempted to highlight the changes below to best of our ability. Kindly note that the new version of bylaw is adopted from a big masjid to incorporate best practices.

Please take the time to read through both the existing version and the proposed version to fully understand the changes. Thank you.

  • Article I – No material changes, other than address update.
  • Article II – Defined purpose of ISCI. This section didn’t exist in previous version of bylaw.
  • Article III – Defined board of directors and their powers. Updated term length to two years and qualifications. Clearly defined job duties for each position on the board.
  • Article IV – Removed different classes of members to simplify member definition.
  • Article V – Proper definition and rules around formation of committees and their responsibilities.
  • Article VI – No major changes.
  • Article VII – Created Mediation policy. This section didn’t exist in previous version of bylaw.
  • Article VIII – Miscellaneous section. No major changes. provided more clarity.
V3 – Change Tracking
  • Removed references to Mosque in article I.
  • Updated spending threshold to $1,000 without Board of Directors Approval.
  • Introduced Community communication for major expenses. Refer to 4.08
  • Added more information related to committees. Refer to 5.02, 5.03, 5.04, 5.05
  • Introduced Technology and IT Infrastructure section 8.04
V4 – Change Tracking
  • Introduced section Annual Report of Directors. Refer 3.15
  • Introduced section Amendments to Bylaws. Refer 8.14

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